Episode 20: TV Sh*tcoms

retro-classic-tv-02Wes and Jer are back! Join them as they discuss: Taking a Break, Fiscal Quarters, Apathy, Sports Radio, Hockey, Radio Formats, Facebook Advertising, Last Year’s Episode, To Be continued Television, Energy Drinks, The Jolt Cola Conspiracy, Boylan’s Soda, Bootlegs, Penguin Mints, Jer misprounces things, Wes breaks a code of silence, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Lactose Almonds, Oral assasination plot, Switchblade vaginas, vaseline barriers, Joe Biden, Zimbabwae’s bank account, Wikileaks leaks Wikileaks script to Wikileaks, Manti Te’o, Yolo, Aziz Ansari, #MidgetWife, world wide average heights, Indonesia, Tall vs. Thin, Endless wishes, Concious piles of dust, The evil gene, Robin Williams, Mork and Mindy, Perfect Strangers, Andy Kaufman, Full House, Scott Bakula, Ravens, Gummy Bears, Factory Fires, Western Air Quality, Canadians and their maple leaves, Fake Bridges

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Episode 19: We’ve Got Moxy!

We bring in friend of the show Moxy to guest co-host this week. We discuss dishonesty in class assignments, doomsday preppers, our boring Thanksgivings, Black Friday uselessness, 1996’s The Cable Guy, how awful Two and a Half Men is, Moxy further pleads her ICP case, how parents just don’t understand, bodily fluids and mean girls, our pets, advertising on Facebook, secession, the state of Jefferson, web searches, AOL, bad parenting and bad names, Prussian Blue, marijuana-smuggling school buses, erotic zoos, riding manatees, hot and cold, evidence for insanity pleas, and the dangers of roach eating.

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Episode 18: SadCast

Wes and Jer start off “season 2” of HTSD discussing new Beef Bouillon Jolt, bad parenting and pooping on the subway, horrible kids in the news and penny candy, disappointing political tattoos, McAfee Anti-Virus going a little too far, reading the User License Agreement, A Capella Cast, Neutral Milk Hotel, a series of sad stories in the news (including a fart attack, a child skunk, an oven death, and a hugging ban), Nazi raccoons, WaschBeer, and vegetarianism-spreading tics.

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Episode 17: Lindsey’s Retirement Party

The gang gets together to say good bye to Lindsey as she leaves the podcast for good, discuss the hurricane and Wes’s house troubles, a bad parent tries to ban a Halloween classic, Wes tells a lie about Charles Schulz, sharing your birthday with holidays, missing The Fest, we provide advice to a listener trying to avoid Fest-induced illness, cinnamon vomit, our secret bunker in Kansas, re-branding the show in the post-Lindsey era, Lindsey’s fondest memories of the show, the circumstances under which Lindsey would be allowed back on the show, Wes’s travelling, soda with real cane sugar, why Lindsey is a bad person, everybody loves Ikea, and a new product idea. Bye, Lindsey!

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Episode 16: Adults Don’t Ride Bikes

The gang is all back together as Lindsey returns to talk with Wes and Jer. On this week’s show: Lindsey’s car crash, HTSD advice followup, neo Nazis in New York, revisiting adult tricycles, Wes reveals a shameful secret, fish fries, the debates and politics, what neo Nazis eat, the middle-aged women that Wes finds attractive, Do Something Nice Day, revisiting butt-chugging and conventions, and ShitCon2012.

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Episode 15: ButtChugCon

After a long break, we return (well, once again without Lindsey). We jump right back in the action and discuss: Our absence, our recent travels, raw food, best manning, Lindsey’s heartbreak, Jer’s wedding night, Wes’s Jolt Cola TSA incident, tricycles, apple conventions, where are all of the podcast conventions? alcohol ennemas, and YOU being the host!

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Episode 14: Lindsey is Dead

Lindsey’s car accident, Taking Bets, Whips in Lacrosse, Road Trips, Sexy Movies with your parents, Dumping out at work, No Shirts No Shoes No Hipsters, Gawker, Appropriate conversation topics, Tricyles, Planning around the Honeymoon, Jer takes a post prod break, Fifteen dollar cashew smoothies, Shoplifting, Wes says like a lot, Shitty teachers, Food fights, Surge, The history of jolt, Beavis and Butthead, King of the hill, Fake IDs, Underage drinkign, Highschool punk bands, Arson, Point of Sale systems, Grande mocha latte  half caff with soy skim frappos, Douchebag tax, Flirting with waitresses, Stiffing on the tip, Sales Tax.
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Episode 13: A Debt is Paid

paid in full.A mystery is solved this week as Jer, Lindsey, and Wes are all back to discuss Friendly’s and happy endings, a request for advice from a listener regarding hipsters and gentrification, our favorite characters from Workaholics, Taco Bell commercials and eating too many tacos, Wes’s record label, we discuss our second foreign debt collection voicemail from last week and try to make a call, and while we attempt to move on to discussing the Gentleman Drunk and Wes’s weekend, an interesting mystery is solved, we discuss Lindsey’s weekend, the Mars Curiosity hoax, Wes being on tornado watch, Jer wrecking a rental car, and zoo animals making a real-life inticate escape.

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Episode 12: Jer All Alone

Wes and Lindsey leave Jer all alone this week, so it’s a super short episode as Jer just gives a preview of a few things that the gang will talk about next week once everyone is back together. Another voicemail, music, and more Gentleman Drunk talk.

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Episode 11: Where Are My Pogs?

Pog tubeLindsey returns, and she, Wes, and Jer discuss beaches, old social media sites, new Mountain Goats single, the Olympics, adult rec curling, Arrested Development, hipster roller derby, The League, fantasy curling, Bearsville bear troubles, heavy disability, invisibility spells and bank robberies, Snoop Lion, stupid kids’ names, F**king Austria, Adventure Time and Soophie Nun Squad, the Michael Phelps story hour, Frank Zappa, hipster things that Lindsey likes, pogs, and Mystery Science Theater HTSD.

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