Episode 14: Lindsey is Dead

Lindsey’s car accident, Taking Bets, Whips in Lacrosse, Road Trips, Sexy Movies with your parents, Dumping out at work, No Shirts No Shoes No Hipsters, Gawker, Appropriate conversation topics, Tricyles, Planning around the Honeymoon, Jer takes a post prod break, Fifteen dollar cashew smoothies, Shoplifting, Wes says like a lot, Shitty teachers, Food fights, Surge, The history of jolt, Beavis and Butthead, King of the hill, Fake IDs, Underage drinkign, Highschool punk bands, Arson, Point of Sale systems, Grande mocha latte  half caff with soy skim frappos, Douchebag tax, Flirting with waitresses, Stiffing on the tip, Sales Tax.
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