Episode 20: TV Sh*tcoms

retro-classic-tv-02Wes and Jer are back! Join them as they discuss: Taking a Break, Fiscal Quarters, Apathy, Sports Radio, Hockey, Radio Formats, Facebook Advertising, Last Year’s Episode, To Be continued Television, Energy Drinks, The Jolt Cola Conspiracy, Boylan’s Soda, Bootlegs, Penguin Mints, Jer misprounces things, Wes breaks a code of silence, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Lactose Almonds, Oral assasination plot, Switchblade vaginas, vaseline barriers, Joe Biden, Zimbabwae’s bank account, Wikileaks leaks Wikileaks script to Wikileaks, Manti Te’o, Yolo, Aziz Ansari, #MidgetWife, world wide average heights, Indonesia, Tall vs. Thin, Endless wishes, Concious piles of dust, The evil gene, Robin Williams, Mork and Mindy, Perfect Strangers, Andy Kaufman, Full House, Scott Bakula, Ravens, Gummy Bears, Factory Fires, Western Air Quality, Canadians and their maple leaves, Fake Bridges

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