Episode 10: Oui Oui

Lindsey sits this one out as Wes and Jer discuss the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department, pizza bagels, a voicemail from GentlemanDrunk, if we are hipsters or not, music elitism, The Gentleman Drunk Podcast, Nickelback, Justin Bieber’s package, sneaking into concerts, $120 shows, caffeine, cafe business models, our audience backlash about Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos, France being so awful that you should kill yourself, sex doll survival tips, the passing of Mr. Jefferson, and 17 pound lobsters.

The Gentleman Drunk Podcast

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Episode 9: Anarchy on the Sea

This week we celebrate Wes’s birthday! Join Jer, Lindsey, and Wes as they discuss Wes’s worst birthday ever, old fashions, flavored alcohol, diamond-filtered vodka, somebody on Reddit doesn’t like our show, somebody on iTunes does like our show, the HTSD advice team gives their take on an advice column, cartoons and adults, living in sin before marriage, bad parenting and determining the trade value for your 1999 Dodge truck, more anti-adoption talk, Wes’s idea for starting an Onion competitor that tells real stories instead of satire, the government’s official stance on mermaids, a punk rock boat cruise, if zombies are over with yet, the weather, corn, Korn, the Gathering of the Juggalos, Jesus and the family, and Wes’s juggalette prom date.

See the penis-prince from Adventure Time that Wes discusses

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Episode 8: Behind the Scenes

We go with a more minimalist approach to our post-production editing this week, giving you a look at some of the things we would typically take out of the show. Lindsey, Wes, and Jer discuss our absence last week, the Mountain Goats, hipsters, 21 and over shows, being the old people at concerts, eating on the podcast, Ham Radio operations, America and rodeos, Jolt Cola followup, anti-adoption followup, bad parenting and feces eating, how neighborhood hijinx can lead to free tacos, My Little Pony sexy times, and our podcast schedule.

Ice Cream Kid (video brought up by Wes)
My Little Pony Erotica

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No New Episode This Week

Due to the 4th of July and all three of our schedules getting shuffled around because of it, there will not be a new episode of Hearing Things, Seeing Double this week. I know this leaves your lives cold and empty, but rest assured we will be back next week and will resume our normal schedule.

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Episode 7: Passive-Aggression

Lindsey returns as the three of us respond to listeners seeking advice, discuss Lindsey’s absence, The Mountain Goats, money issues, late payments, our parents, eating in vehicles, buzz marketing, rashes and chemical burns, serving your junk (for art!), bad parenting and selling your children on the internet, an open invitation to anti-adoption folks, bad parenting and inefficient drive-bys, Russian roulette (not just for adults anymore), guns, when housecats attack, and HTSD dream jobs.

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Episode 6: All the Sugar

Episode 6: All the SugarWes and Jer return once again without Lindsey to discuss leg-shaking heat, a voicemail from a listener, handling outstanding foreign debt, celebrities that presumably listen to our show, Tebow and 911, one-hundred pound scrotums, Wednesday wing nights and wing theft, the Mexicans in Little Italy, returning to the scene of the crime, how to go to jail, HTSD tattoos, messages from our future sponsors, bad parenting and leaving your kids at the crash site, the ice cream of our youth, sleeping at the gas station, and designer condoms.

100 punds of excess watery fluid

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Other ways to listen to us…

Tired of the convenience of iTunes or our RSS feed? Try one of the below obscure, obsolete ways of listening to your favorite podcast!

Listen to Hearing Things, Seeing Double on your BlackBerry® smartphone http://www.blackberry.com/podcasts. Install the BB Podcast app, and do a search for our show. Or, why not give us a try in the Zune podcast market? Somebody has to! Finally, I hear a lot of people actually use Stitcher, so maybe your best bet is to listen to us on the go with Stitcher Radio.

It is always free to listen to us using any of the above methods.

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Episode 5: Firework Sandwiches

Lindsey is out sick this week as Jer and Wes discuss wild animal sightings, domestic house cats, home remedies, steaming your junk at Arby’s, workplace injuries, overly-polite people, the first name power move, chem lab incidents, childhood destructive streaks, $200 wasabi jeans, sabotaging your six year old’s lunch, the pros and cons of PCP, our future children’s drug abuse, discarded lungs, and alienating our listener.

Not a cougar.

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Episode 4: Crying in the Shower

Episode 4: Crying in the ShowerThis week we discuss tapas, sitting down in the shower, memories of our high school faculty, going to jail for cheering (or: the hardest story Wes has ever read), adoption: the evil debasing our society part two, six year old mothers, Adam Sandler and bad movies, discontinuity in 90’s sitcoms, a split scrotum and dislodged testicle, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being annoying, and an old perverted doctor getting kicked out of Barnes and Noble.

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Episode 3: Breast Milk Cheese

Episode 3: Breast Milk CheeseThe gang discusses spelunking in Ohio, life without a water heater, car crashes, the breast milk black market, zebra-parrots and DUIs, chicken thievery, the death of Mr. Oreo, the official sport of HTSD getting a feature film, racist internet domain registrars, getting 4 year olds drunk, adoption:  the evil debasing our society, how Hulk learns it’s not easy being ballistic green, and Lindsey’s unfamiliarity with comics.

Photos from zebra, parrot story
Photos from ballistic paint-Hulk

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